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Makkah Construction project includes 4 metro lines to link Makkah districts...

The Saudi Gazette reported that the Makkah Construction Project includes 4 metro lines and 182 kilometers train system with 88 stations that will link Makkah districts to the Grand Mosque. Makkah Mayor Dr Osama Fadl Al Bar expects that Makkah train which will be linked to the Holy Sites Train will be operational two years after work begins on the project.

GCC countries to spend over $100bn on rail networks

Governments in the GCC have instigated plans for multi-billion dollar transport and networking projects that will help further the region's clout as a magnet for international logistics and engineering service providers. The countries of the GCC are set to spend over $100bn on setting up modern rail networks connecting all countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Iraq dreams big with infrastructure projects

In Iraq where renovating a single street can take years, government plans for a multi-billion dollar high-speed train to rival Japan's bullet train have been greeted with scepticism by many Iraqis struggling to get even basic electricity services.

Urban rail news in brief

A 1·5 km extension of Istanbul metro line M2 from Darüssafaka to Haciosman opened on May 23, taking the line length to 18 km. The southern extension of M2 from Sishane to Yenikapi over the new Golden Horn Bridge is expected to open in 2014.

Alstom signs agreement for Baghdad Elevated Train project

An Alstom spokesman said that "Alstom is willing to contribute to the reconstruction program in Iraq, in particular within the public transport area. Thus, Alstom has signed an agreement that opens a period of discussions with Baghdad local government, with the objective of signing a contract for the Baghdad Elevated Train." The project involves building a line that runs for 25 kilometers on a viaduct, which is aimed to reduce congestion in the city. It will link the areas of Al Mustansiriya and Alawi al Hilla in central Baghdad.

Women passengers beat up intruding men

Frustrated with the disobedient men who insist on entering the Women Only cabin, Delhi women decided to mete out their own brand of punishment. Kipp has blogged about the wonderful experience that is travelling on the Dubai Metro during rush hour before, and the rants have sure proven therapeutic. But perhaps not as effective as the actions of female passengers on Delhi’s metro; we are officially inspired.

Baghdad metro plans derailed

If Baghdad’s metro is to move ahead, two things have to happen. First, a stable government will have to take the reins of power in Baghdad. Second, Iraq will have to develop a coherent framework to attract financiers and construction companies and give them the level of comfort they need before they participate in the scheme.

Pay attention to nuts and bolts of Iraq’s future

The country’s boosters have predicted an urban Metro in Baghdad within 10 years. They are paid for such rosy assessments. Iraq, and particularly her cities, are recovering from one of the most ravaging periods in modern Middle Eastern history.

Iraq shrine city to get ultra-modern monorail

Currently the only other monorail system in the Middle East is in Dubai. The line, which opened last year, links the mainland to the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah -- a residential and leisure mega-project off the coast in the Gulf.