Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Japanese Companies Are Owed Billions in Dubai, National Reports

Dubai companies, including Nakheel PJSC, owe billions of dollars to Japanese companies who worked on projects such as the emirate’s metro and Palm Island, the National said, citing Japanese Consul General Seiichi Otsuka.

Japanese builders owed billions for Dubai work – official

Japanese construction companies are facing "serious debt problems" amid issues with being paid for work done in Dubai, a top ranking official has said.

Japanese contractors owed billions by Dubai firms

Japanese builders are owed billions of dollars on projects that include the Dubai Metro and Palm Island, according to a top diplomat and leading contractors from the country, Japanese builders have played a pivotal role in Dubai’s construction boom, spearheading work on the Dh28 billion (US$7.6bn) Metro and helping to build Nakheel’s palm-shaped islands off the emirate’s coast.