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The definitive guide to New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Revelers who will be watching the fireworks light up around the city of Dubai have already made their plans on how to beat the...

Qatar Rail claims Doha Metro will be better than Dubai

Doha Metro stations will be better connected to nearby developments than Dubai Metro, Qatar Rail chief technical officer has claimed. Daniel Leckel said several Dubai Metro stations were located too far away from commuters' intended destinations.

Riding the Dubai Metro

Buying a ticket on the Dubai Metro is fast and easy. The best bargain of all is a silver Nol smart-card. This costs Dhs20 (RM16.85) and includes Dhs14 of stored value. The card is used to touch on and off at each Metro station or on linked feeder buses or water buses, and can be topped up at ticket-vending machines in all Metro stations and at 64 bus stops throughout Dubai.