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Dubai's Jumeirah Village: Plenty of bus stops, but no buses

The RTA has decided to study the feasibility of bus services to Jumeirah Village as well as Jumeirah Village Circle and Triangle, following several complaints by residents of these neighbourhoods.

Bus-stops without AC 'like blast furnaces’ in Dubai

Commuters using RTA buses say faulty or non-existent air-conditioning in bus stops have made travel in the extreme summer heat an ordeal.

Need for pedestrian-friendly roads

Firstly, there is a problem with the way bus stop locations have been planned. Due to the construction of the Dubai Metro, bus stops have been moved around and there are [hardly any] pedestrian crossings for people to get to the opposite side. If people get off the bus on the Creek side, near the consulate buildings, they will need to cross the road to reach the bus stop that goes toward Karama.