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No Sharjah-GV buses; changes to Metro feeder bus routes

In 2010, many people who wanted to visit the popular annual DSF were left grumbling for lack of public transport, and this year too, it’s been a repeat of the same. “Travelling by public transport to the Global Village is more convenient for us who visit with our families,” said P.T of Al Khan area in Sharjah. He added that it is not possible to get parking space close to the DSF event. “The parking yard is almost two kilometres away.”

PTA reroutes buses and opens new metro station feeder service

The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has rerouted public bus road map concurrently with the opening of the new metro stations in order to keep pace with the accelerating changes in passengers distribution across Dubai Emirate.

Shaikh Zayed Road: Oasis of architecture

The Dubai World Trade Centre, built in 1978, was once the tallest building in Dubai and the UAE, and was the first tower on Shaikh Zayed Road. At the other end today, stands the world’s tallest tower the Burj Khalifa, completed and inaugurated just this year. During that time, the skyscrapers of Shaikh Zayed Road have been built, providing businesspeople, residents and holidaymakers with ample facilities.