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How is Careem worth $1.2bn?

According to Crunchbase data, Careem has now received $571.7m of funding in six rounds from 19 investors. This includes $150m led by Saudi Prince Alwaleed...

Dh4 parking fee from Saturday in Dubai

Here's a reminder: The new parking fee of Dh4 per hour in the commercial areas of Dubai, covering 30,000 slots, has come into effect Saturday.

DTC honors cabbies through ‘Thank You’ initiative

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has recently felicitated cabdrivers through the ‘Thank You’ initiative, which forms part & parcel of its corporate incentives & rewards systems.

Dubai's Cars Taxi to drive into Saudi, Singapore this year: CEO

Dubai-based Cars Taxi Group will drive into two new markets this year by plying 1,000 more vehicles with an investment to the tune of more than Dh200 million, its chief executive said.

Dubai Taxi honours 155 distinguished cab drivers

The Dubai Taxi Corporation, DTC, at the Roads and Transport Authority, have honoured 155 distinguished taxi drivers during the first quarter of this year under the Drivers’ Performance Management System in recognition of their excellent performance and dedication to offering distinguished services to clients.

Travel in Dubai to become easy with new smart services

Travel is expected to get a lot easier in Dubai with the launch of a new range of smart services, including an application to enable people to book taxis and track their path and another to plan journeys using public transport.

Cabs can make multiple drop-offs, last passenger pays for full trip:...

Traffic chiefs in Dubai have rejected reports that taxi drivers are banned from making multiple stops. The report, which appeared in a UAE newspaper earlier this week, caused confusion among both cabbies and passengers.

Thank you for the New Year’s gift RTA

This morning, according to Gulf News’ reporting, the RTA has given Dubai’s taxi users yet another reason to be disgruntled as the New Year rolls in. If you remember a time when you had to put up with paying the Salik Toll fee on your daily commute then you were a 2007 user. If you’ve arrived here afterwards then it won’t necessarily matter but you still have the right to know.

Metro hasn’t dented taxi business, say cab drivers

Prior to the launch of Dubai Metro last year, many taxi drivers in Dubai were anxious about the possible loss of income it would bring about.