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School bus safety in Abu Dhabi is a priority

Road-safety experts have spelt out the responsibilities carried by schools, and bus companies and drivers to keep their young passengers safe.

RTA Distributes Iftar Meals and Awareness Leaflets for 600 Truck Drivers

The Traffic Department of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency launched an initiative during which it distributed Iftar meals and awareness leaflets to truck drivers at the Vegetable and Fruit Market in Dubai in cooperation with the Dubai Youth Hostel out of the Authority’s keenness to communicate with all segments of the society on all occasions and at all times.

Cabs can make multiple drop-offs, last passenger pays for full trip:...

Traffic chiefs in Dubai have rejected reports that taxi drivers are banned from making multiple stops. The report, which appeared in a UAE newspaper earlier this week, caused confusion among both cabbies and passengers.

Medical tests for professional drivers

Professional drivers in Dubai may soon need to pass medical fitness tests, to be allowed to continue in their job, traffic authorities have said.