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RTA holds training workshops to boost excellence culture between employees

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held a number of training workshops in the context of endeavours to diffuse the culture of excellence between employees on the one hand, and educating them on the standards & categories of the excellence program on the other.

RTA supports Thalassemia patients in Dubai

A team from the Unified Automated Fare Collection Dep't at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently visited the Dubai Thalassemia Center as part of community-oriented initiatives of the Dep't and in keeping with RTA's strategy of shouldering its responsibilities towards various human & community organizations and lending all forms of support to them.

Expanding 4th DAST underlines successes of past editions

The key feature of the 4th DAST edition 2011 is the expansion of its reach to cover the whole UAE; a step which will be marked with a shift in the scope of the Award, and raise the bar on the competitiveness between the public, semi-public entities as well as private businesses operating in the UAE.