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60 buses begin transporting 17,000 people to see fireworks world record...

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has arranged 60 buses to take people from Dubai Internet City (DIC) to Sandance Beach at Atlantis, Palm Juemeirah to watch the fireworks set to take place at midnight today.


Over the years, SMRT has acquired considerable knowledge and experience of designing, operating and maintaining both driven and driverless MRT systems, and has a growing consultancy arm that offers advice on all aspects of MRT, from initial design and specification through to operations and maintenance. Among the many international projects it has worked on to date are the Palm Jumeirah monorail in Dubai which it also operated for three years, and MRT systems in Korea, Mumbai, Chennai and Ho Chi Minh City.

Palm Jumeirah monorail – November 2010 – High Definition

The 5.45 kilometres (3.39 mi) monorail line began construction in March 2006, under the supervision of Marubeni Corporation, with the monorail track completed in July 2008 and vehicle testing beginning in November 2008. Originally planned to open by December 2008, the opening was delayed to April 30, 2009.