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Wrongly-parked vehicles termed 'abandoned'; can be towed away

Vehicles parked randomly on Dubai streets obstructing traffic flow and endangering the lives of motorists will be considered ‘abandoned’, according to Chief of RTA. Maitha bin Udai, CEO, RTA, outlined several measures to maintain road safety and ensure motorists enjoy driving.

New street names to be phased in for Dubai's roads

Maitha bin Edai, CEO of traffic and roads at the RTA, said: “The great development in Dubai’s urban and real-estate sector requires a fast and accurate street naming system that facilitates mobility and accessibility. It will help people in narrating addresses of their homes, offices and shops. Studies have shown the public can recall and retrieve names more easily than numbers.

Road paving project in Dubai to take off in a few...

A massive street paving project across the various districts of Dubai will begin within a few weeks, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced yesterday. The project will be completed within four years and will cost Dh1 billion, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman and CEO of RTA.