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Hi-Tech meters in luxury taxicabs

The Public Transport Agency at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), being responsible for operating the taxi sector in the Emirate of Dubai, has introduced an advanced meter technology in high-end taxicabs (limousine) run by RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC). The move marks a new advanced step depicting the relentless endeavours and growing attention of the RTA to introduce cutting-edge technologies in transit means.

RTA works to reduce taxi waiting time

“The new system divides Dubai city into 180 areas. When a call is received the system automatically tracks down the taxi closest to the location of the caller and that taxi is dispatched to the caller,” Adel Shakeri, Director of Transport Systems at the Public Transport Agency said. The previous system divided the city into 72 areas and hence was less efficient.

New Salik tolls could be key source of cash for Dubai

Philippe Dauba Pantanacce, senior economist at Standard Chartered Bank, said the road tolls formed a vital part of government cashflow. “Salik is an indirect tax through a toll system and in a country where there is no direct taxation, except in a few circumstances, any source of revenue is better than nothing,” he told Arabian Business. “It is also much more reliable than hydrocarbon revenues for example.

RTA Ramadan Football Tournament concludes

Belrimaitha Club saw the final of Ramadan Football Tournament organized by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) featuring participation of all RTA agencies & sector over a week. The events were played in teams divided in two groups, each group comprises 4 teams.

Dubai Taxi opens technical support office for employees, customers

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority has opened a technical support office at its Head Office to receive daily requests and inquiries from employees, suppliers and visitors with a view to easing the procedures, saving time & effort and streamlining the daily jobs of various sections.