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Now: Pay Dubai traffic fines in installments

Dubai motorists holding credit cards of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank can pay their traffic fines in instalments at zero per cent interest, the...

UAE Traffic: It’s a smooth drive for commuters

UAE residents looking forward to spending their off day away from home can expect a smooth drive. No road accident has been reported so...

Woman killed after run-over accident in Dubai

Dubai: A 20-year-old woman killed on Friday as she attempted to cross the busy road near Al Mulla Plaza intersection. Police said the Arab woman...

How Dubai’s traffic signal system works

Like most major cities in the world, traffic congestion costs Dubai a lot despite continuous efforts by the authorities to tackle it.

Revealed: Dubai's Top 5 traffic offences in 2015

According to statistics revealed by the Dubai Police, the top violation on the emirate’s roads this year has been for ‘obstructing traffic’.

Almost 600 Dubai drivers have licences confiscated

Five-hundred and eighty motorists had their licences confiscated last year for racking up 24 or more black points, Dubai Police said.

Dubai Traffic Police chief: Slow drivers in the fast lane risk...

Motorists who drive slow in the fast lane of the highway, posing a threat to themselves and to the lives of others, can be fined even if they are driving over the minimum speed limit, the Director of Dubai Traffic Police has warned.

Know how to cross the road? 300,000 workers to get lessons...

The joint Ministry of Labour and Dubai Police campaign ‘Cross Safely’ has been set up to target workers in labour camps to be aware of road traffic rules – and how ignoring them can result in tragic accidents.

Dubai speedsters: More than half-a-million fined

Speeding accounts for half of traffic violations in Dubai. More than half a million speedsters have been caught on radars in the first nine months of this year in the emirate, according to a top official at the Dubai Traffic Police Department.

Road deaths in Dubai 'down by 32%'

Fewer people are being killed on the emirate's roads thanks to police safety campaigns. There has been a 32 per cent drop in the number of deaths so far this year compared with the same period of 2011. Police said there were 38 deaths, down from 56 last year. Last month one person was killed, compared with 11 in May 2011.