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Key bridge set to open over Dubai Water Canal

Dubai's transport authority will open a key bridge on Friday to improve life for motorists in the heart of the city. The Roads and Transport...

Fire in a Dubai building disrupts Dubai Metro operations

A fire that broke out in a building under construction near the Burj Khalifa Metro station early Saturday morning disrupted Dubai Metro services for three hours, affecting hundreds of commuters.

Dubai Metro July 2012 – From Financial Centre to Khalid Bin...

Dubai Metro from Financial Centre to Khalid Bin Al Waleed. The Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully automated metro.

Commuters struggle to get home after late-night spectacle in Dubai

From fireworks to blisters to cold — this was the New Year for hundreds of people who walked home after watching the fireworks display at the Burj Khalifa yesterday. Despite the extended service of the Dubai Metro and the deployment of additional feeder buses in the area, revellers by the hundreds still got stranded near Dubai Mall yesterday.

Motorists in Dubai caught in snarls again

Motorists in Dubai have once again found themselves caught in traffic jams during peak hours, despite massive road infrastructure development projects and the introduction of a mass transit system, which includes Dubai Metro. Though the number of vehicles plying on Dubai roads has increased to some 1.4 million, 1.1 million of which are registered in Dubai as opposed to other emirates, the latest traffic congestion on certain main roads has been attributed to delays in road work projects.