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Windy weather forecast for parts of UAE, temperature to drop

As UAE prepares for another summer season, the national met department (NCMS) has forecasted a fall in temperatures on Saturday. According to the NCMS, the...

Weather update: Foggy, chilly morning in UAE, humidity to increase

It is a chilly day in UAE. Early morning joggers and office goers felt the chilliness in the air as winter continues in the...

Warning to UAE drivers as heavy rain forecast over weekend

The National Meteorological Centre (NMC) on Thursday urged motorists to take extra caution while driving during the expected heavy rain periods over the weekend. It...

Accidents, heavy traffic across UAE on foggy morning

Heavy fog added to the woes of motorists on Wednesday morning, with multiple accidents and traffic jams reported across the UAE. The accidents on UAE roads...

After foggy morning, humidity set to increase in UAE

It was a foggy start to the morning today in parts of Emirates. Fog engulfed Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Abu Al Abyad and neighbouring areas. pic.twitter.com/PrQ7pCkjSD —...

UAE motorists, drive carefully, it’s going to be foggy

Morning commuters in parts of UAE can expect fog and mist, according to forecasters from the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology. Motorists are advised...