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Ticket to ride: The NYC subway vs the Dubai metro

A Brit by birth, I’ve lived the expat whirl in New York and Dubai and loved and loathed facets of each. One consistency I noticed in both, however, is the power of public transport, in particular the trains, to shape one’s view of city life.

RTA issues exclusive Nol Cards to commemorate the opening of the...

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued exclusive Silver and Gold Nol Cards for public transport users in Dubai Emirate to commemorate the opening of the Green Line of Dubai Metro scheduled for launch on Sept 9th in a limited edition of about ten thousand cards only.

One card for shops and metro

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) wants to work with banks to produce special cards which would have the additional function of storing credit for use on public transport. It would effectively combine the capabilities of an ordinary credit card with those of the RTA’s Nol card, which is used to pay when boarding buses, water buses and the metro.