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RTA claims high positions in Arabian Ideas Award

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the RTA Public Transport Agency, said, “The RTA boasts of distinguished professional cadres with a high sense of belonging and responsibility, which creates an environment conducive to creative ideas in the best interest of the RTA and its impeccable reputation when participating in any local, regional and even international contests.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority expands green bus fleet

Expanding the green profile of Dubai’s public transport, 10 bio-diesel powered buses have joined the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) fleet. RTA had launched the first green bus in July 2012 as a pilot project and after a successful trial has now expanded the fleet.

RTA’s green initiatives help reduce Dubai’s carbon footprint

From the Dubai Metro and Green Bus to Hybrid Taxis and electric abras, RTA has delivered projects after projects that are environmentally-friendly but at the same time equally convenient for commuters. One of the biggest infrastructure and mass transit projects in the region, Dubai Metro is an icon in itself, but among its less known credentials are its green standings.

RTA on tech trail to improve its services

How in six years of innovation, hard work and meticulous planning the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has transformed the way Dubai moved is not a news anymore. With a highly efficient metro, a widening bus and marine network and a huge fleet of taxis, RTA has achieved in half a decade what most organisations fail to achieve in several decades.