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Dubai Metro Green Line live launch on DMI Channels

Dubai Metro Green Line

Metro Green Line lifts 106k passengers in two days

The Rail Agency of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reported that about 106,000 passengers have used the Green Line on the first two days since the opening day. Passengers travelled between 16 stations representing a full and substantial integration with the Red Line in serving the largest possible chunk of public transport commuters in Dubai Emirate.

RTA launches awareness drive ahead of Green Line services

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the launch of the Phase II of the public awareness campaign on Dubai Metro ahead of the starting of the Green Line services on September 9. The Green Line will draw more passengers, since it serves several vital areas in the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai's Metro fares change track

On Saturday, the RTA increased the number of zones from five to seven before the rollout of the 23-km Green Line, expected by the end of this month. The new Zone 6 now covers Al Karama, parts of Bur Dubai, Satwa and the Business Bay area - most of which were part of Zone Five before. The new Zone 7, which now covers Lahbab, Dubailand and parts of Aweer, was not plotted in Dubai's old public transport network.

65 screens to monitor the Red and Green Lines of the...

The opening of the Green Line will surely add more burdens on the staff of the OCC in terms of monitoring and exercising total control of systems, stations and depot with a view to detecting & rectifying any emergent failure and ensuring highly efficient and safe running trains.

Dubai Metro beefs up control centre

Staff levels at Dubai Metro's Operations Control Centre (OCC) have been beefed up ahead of the opening of the Green Line in September, officials announced Sunday. Twenty people have been recruited to the brain unit of the Metro with the current daily passenger load of 170,000 expected to double.

Roads and Transport Authority launches monthly subscription service to Nol Blue...

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the launch of a monthly subscription service to Nol Blue Card, coupled with re-partitioning of Dubai into 7 zones instead of 5 in view of the geographical expansion of districts served by Dubai Metro given the forthcoming operation of the Green Line, and the opening of new routes for public buses.

Iftar allowed on metro platforms

“We have extended the operations of metro for Ramadan to facilitate movement of people even late at night. On weekdays, metro would run until 12 midnight while on Thursdays and Fridays it will be open till 1am,” said Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Metro Operations at the RTA’s Rail Agency.

237 realty projects “on course” for completion in Dubai

The Road and Transport Authority is paying the Dubai Rail Link Consortium (DURL), the firms involved in the development of Dubai Metro, in monthly installments of Dh169 million between June and September 2011. The balance of Dh5.8 billion will be paid in equal monthly installments over a period of seven years beginning October 2011.

Fine behaviour on the Dubai Metro

Here's what a bad day on the Dubai Metro could cost you: first, you doze off in the waiting area (Dh300); now you're late, so you make a run for the doors (Dh100); in doing so, you spill your cup of coffee (Dh100), causing a visible stain (Dh200). Total cost: Dh700 in fines plus the subway fare.