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Dubai drivers beware: Even texting 'Lol' when driving can be fatal

You're driving at 88kmph and you take your eyes off the road for five seconds to check that urgent email from your boss. In those five seconds, unknown to you, your car has swerved off your lane, which is basically like driving the distance of a football field blind folded

RTA launches Gulf Traffic Week events

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) kicks off today (Sunday) the unified Gulf Traffic Week events in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior and other traffic departments of the UAE during the period 10 – 14 instant.

UAE Traffic Week kicks off

THE issue of pedestrian crossings remain thorny in the UAE, and the authorities in Dubai will focus on it for a month as of Sunday, the opening of the Gulf Traffic Week. Concerned that 42 people died from over 300 run-over accidents in Dubai last year, the Roads and Transport Authorities (RTA) have decided to raise full awareness on the issue.