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Connecting the world with Hyperloop technology

Shervin Pishevar, Sherpa Capital managing director, and Brent Callinicos, Hyperloop One, discuss how interconnected technology will change the future of transportation.

Dubai to Doha in 23 minutes with Hyperloop?

A futuristic concept to speed up commuting between Doha and Dubai has been revealed. The UAE has unveiled a new high-speed transportation concept that could...

Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 12 minutes? World’s first Hyperloop coming...

DUBAI // Dubai is set to be home to the world’s first Hyperloop One transport link, which is expected to begin operations for passengers...

Dubai to Fujairah hyperloop 127-km long travel in 10 minutes

Team Mobius on Tuesday has won the Dubai hyperloop competition to design a prototype for a hyperloop traveling between Dubai and Fujairah in 10...

Watch: Hyperloop team arrives in Dubai

Dubai: The Hyperloop team have arrived in Dubai, marking the first steps in building a high-speed transit system in the emirate. The Los Angeles-based Hyperloop...

Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 15 minutes? UAE finds Hyperloop ‘interesting’

“Hyperloop is very interesting and it is definitely a new thing to look at as a mode of transportation,” Dr Abdulla S. Al Katheeri, Director-General, UAE’s Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime, told Emirates 24|7.