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Dubai road toll Salik glitch irks taxi passengers

A technical glitch with the Salik system is adding to the misery of taxi passengers as they are made to pay toll charges even if the taxis don’t pass through the gates. Already miffed by the re-introduction of Salik toll charges on taxis, most passengers taking the slip road adjacent to the Al Barsha toll gate near the Mall of the Emirates on Shaikh Zayed Road are charged an additional Dh4.

Flexible working hours suit them

T. K. Thaju, an Indian residing in Dubai, goes to work in two ways. The first is riding the Dubai Metro, which takes four minutes. However, the 10-minute walk to work is unpleasant. When it is too hot, Thaju takes the bus, which drops him right next to his work. All these do not cost him much. He said: "My monthly transportation comes to around Dh80 a month."