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RTA offers inquiry about Dubai Metro schedule by SMS service

The Rail Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has launches a new service for inquiring about the timing of the Dubai Metro services in different times through short text messages to be sent to 5223. The service is coordinated with the Public Transport Agency via the timetables of the Journey Planner (Wojhati); an exercise that saves much time and effort of customers, rendering the metro transit experience highly smooth & accessible.

RTA discusses Rashdiya residents' needs and requirements about its services

The Roads & Transport Authority - Nashwan Atta'ee: The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) commended the huge efforts & strategic initiatives undertaken by the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai towards fostering a vibrant community that has the blueprints of success & excellence and capable of enriching the prominent profile of the UAE worldwide.

RTA exhibits a wide spectrum of e-services in Gitex

“RTA has worked out an integrated strategy to convert the services on offer and deliver them online in keeping with the vision and drive of the e-Government; a strategy based on prompt delivery and customer centricity. The total number of e-services delivered by RTA to customers is currently as high as 164 (procedural and informational) services spanning all services deliverable online, compared to 24 such services in 2007 and 116 services in 2008.