Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Motorists in Dubai caught in snarls again

Motorists in Dubai have once again found themselves caught in traffic jams during peak hours, despite massive road infrastructure development projects and the introduction of a mass transit system, which includes Dubai Metro. Though the number of vehicles plying on Dubai roads has increased to some 1.4 million, 1.1 million of which are registered in Dubai as opposed to other emirates, the latest traffic congestion on certain main roads has been attributed to delays in road work projects.

Need for pedestrian-friendly roads

Firstly, there is a problem with the way bus stop locations have been planned. Due to the construction of the Dubai Metro, bus stops have been moved around and there are [hardly any] pedestrian crossings for people to get to the opposite side. If people get off the bus on the Creek side, near the consulate buildings, they will need to cross the road to reach the bus stop that goes toward Karama.