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Saudi proposes French company to boost its buses

Saudi Arabia has recommended awarding France's state-owned public transport operator a roughly $2.1 billion contract to operate and maintain buses in Riyadh for 10 years.

Abu Dhabi. Public transport must be flexible

Abu Dhabi is rapidly growing to become a major metropolitan centre, and it badly needs a better transport network, which will end the misery of today's gridlocks. This is the importance of the 2030 plans for a low-carbon network of public transport, including buses and trams, metro system, regional railways and a ferry link to Dubai.

Breaking down the barriers: Woman, 28, becomes first female train driver...

Miss Al Safar told Gulf News: 'I am always open to challenges and I am not afraid to take risks. I work hard and my job is my top priority.' She added: 'Being a train attendant has helped me understand how to interact with people and staff from different nationalities and different cultures. This has empowered me to tackle different kinds of situations with ease.'

30% of RTA projects to be tendered as PPPs

In the longer term, he confirmed that both the Sheikh Rashid bridge and the Dubai Smile - which will replace the existing floating bridge – would also be tendered as PPPs after 2014, not to mention the operation of the Dubai Metro Green Line and potentially the construction of other lines. "We have a plan to tender the operation and maintenance package of the whole metro system as a ppp in the future. It is also part of the long term plan to tender the construction of the other lines as PPP contracts."