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Video: Robots now park cars in Dubai (and wash them too)

Parking woes in Dubai and fines for flouting rules is an annoyance for many. No one likes wandering around in circles at the parking lot, waiting to find an empty spot.

Dubai's Salik experiment makes a clear case for toll roads

Experts estimate Salik - Arabic for "clear" - generates around Dh600 million a year for the RTA based on the assumption there are 1400 cars passing through one lane of a Salik gate during rush hour. According to a report from the RTA, the system collected Dh800 million from Salik in 2010 while revenue from July 2007 to December 2009 was Dh1.658 billion

Vision system helps automate car park management

In 2010, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced a plan to build at least 50 multi-story parking plazas in Dubai to cope with increasing parking problems. Each new parking facility is required to be equipped with CCTV and a centralized and automated payment system.