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RTA launches old ferries route in Global Village

The Public Transport Agency in the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched a route for the touristic ferries in the Global Village for the fifth year in a row which contributes significantly to the revival of the traditional means of transport that combines fun, entertainment and safety at the same time.

Dubai's RTA to construct 17 footbridges in 2013-2016

The Roads and Transport Authority has given the green light to a plan for constructing 17 pedestrian bridges by 2016 covering vital areas in Dubai. The initial phase of the plan will see the construction of nine bridges in by 2014 at a cost of Dh45 million.

Behave: RTA draws the line for Dubai Metro train etiquette

This month every Metro station of the Red and Green will have a new set of instructions added to the Metro signage. On the platform in front of each door, arrows direct users to disembark through the middle of the gateway, while passengers who want to get on the train are instructed to do so from the left and right sides.

Dubai Metro jam-packed? Max occupancy of 643 per train not yet...

The total number of passengers using the Dubai Metro in 2012 amounted to 109.491 million, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced this week. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of nearly 20 per cent. Emirates 24|7 asked if this would lead to any adjustments to the preferred public transport means of Dubai.

Breach in Dubai Metro security

With more than 3,000 CCTV cameras, a dedicated round the clock police force and a set of heavy penalties, the Dubai Metro is one of the safest in the world. Fines range from Dh100 to Dh2,000, depending on the nature of the violation, with using emergency buttons and exits attracting the highest penalties.

Метро а Дубаи

By Ivan Shyshkovskyy. I'm on metro in Dubai. Dubai metro video.

DUBAI – Metro Train – View from train cockpit

Dubai metro HD video October 2012

Dubai Metro Cockpit View

Cockpit View of the fully automated Dubai Metro. Cab Ride on the Red Line

Dubai Metro keeps crime at bay

Dubai With a crime rate of 1.5 per million trips in 2011, Dubai Metro has become one of the safest means of public transport in the world, surpassing world-renowned railways in the US and Europe, it was announced Thursday. Speaking at a ceremony to honour distinguished employees and cooperating departments and establishments, Lt Col Thani said the four-year-old department now covers public buses and marine transport, as well as Dubai Metro.

Metro Green Line gaining ground

Dubai Metro transported 5.9 million passengers last month, its high-est monthly average in two years, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reported on Wednesday. The number puts the daily average for Green Line just over 50,000 passengers, while it is around 160,000 for the Red Line.