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A farewell to flyers, our alternate gum wrappers

Cheap advertising, eh? Well Kipp hopes RTA gets the memo because last year it ran what Kipp admits is a very creative campaign that involved fake sunny-side up eggs placed on thousands of car hoods across Dubai as part of a campaign to encourage car owners to use the Dubai Metro. The eggs were printed on palm-sized cards and mounted on magnets. It had a small message that read: “It’s a cool 20°C on the Metro”.

RTA Visits Social Welfare Home in Sharjah

A delegation from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) visited the Social Welfare Home for Boys and Girls in Sharjah in the context of the community-oriented initiatives undertaken by the RTA, including "We make your wish" initiative which provides access to an important community segment with the aim of identifying and achieving their wishes & aspirations, and accordingly motivate and reward them to continue giving and becoming active members in the community.

Al Hamadi urges the public to enjoy the convenience and safety...

The CEO of Rail Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) Adnan Al Hamadi, urged the public to use metro on the Public Transport Day; a key initiative recently launched by the RTA scheduled on November 1st, 2010. He hailed the initiative, which is the first rolled on by the RTA to encourage the public to use public transport modes and benefit from the multiple advantages and features that render them trustworthy by all users at all times. The Metro is one of these means that offer commuters a convenient ride across Dubai roads, he noted.

Advertising campaign uses stunt yolks to persuade motorists to use the...

Well, not quite. But many commuters did a double take when they found eggs seemingly sizzling in the summer heat on car hoods in Dubai Media City, Internet City and Deira. The sunny-side-up culprits, printed on palm-sized cards and mounted on magnets, were part of a Dubai Metro advertising campaign to get people out of their cars and onto the Metro. The small lettering on the egg white read: “It’s a cool 20°C on the Metro”.

Public transport is changing habits in UAE

When Kedar Iyer first moved to Dubai from Paris he could have easily done what most expatriates do upon arriving – rent or hire a car. But instead of shopping for the latest SUV, the digital media specialist checked out carpools, taxis and bus routes. After measuring his environmental footprint 18 months ago he went one step further and now walks and takes the Dubai Metro.

RTA receives students delegation from Al Ain University visiting Dubai Metro

The Marketing & Corporate Communication Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) received, at the Theatre Hall of RTA new premises, students delegation from Al Ain University comprising 33 students, in addition to 4 administrative tutors, with the aim of reviewing the Dubai Metro.

Dubai Metro phasing out 'annoying' train music

Metro chiefs have admitted they were on the wrong tracks with their choice of music. Passengers driven mad by the repetitive, electronic tune they have been forced to listen to – or at least block out with their iPods – have made their feelings known, and it seems their complaints have not fallen on deaf ears.