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RTA produces 5 million Nol cards in 3 years

As many as five million Unified Cards or Nol cards have been produced since the Dubai Metro began its operations in 2009 — accounting for daily transactions of up to 1.5 million, a senior official at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said. The Unified Card, more commonly known as Nol (Arabic word for ‘fare’) card, has multiple high technological features that can be used in mass transit services of the RTA including the Dubai Metro, public buses, water taxis, and paid parking.

RTA caters to transit needs of Hatta residents

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) hailed the huge efforts and strategic initiatives carried out by the Community Development Authority in Dubai towards building a vibrant community capable of actively contributing to the prominent standing and high profile of the United Arab Emirates worldwide.

Dubai Metro keeps crime at bay

Dubai With a crime rate of 1.5 per million trips in 2011, Dubai Metro has become one of the safest means of public transport in the world, surpassing world-renowned railways in the US and Europe, it was announced Thursday. Speaking at a ceremony to honour distinguished employees and cooperating departments and establishments, Lt Col Thani said the four-year-old department now covers public buses and marine transport, as well as Dubai Metro.

76 more outlets to sell Nol cards

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has increased the number of outlets selling Unified Fare Cards (Nol cards) for mass transit commuters, spanning the metro, public buses, and the water bus as well as motorists paying for parking fees in Dubai.

346 m passengers used public transport means in Dubai in 2011

The number of commuters who used the Red Line reached 60.024 million passengers, and the number of commuters who used the Green Line, which has been launched on 09/09/2011, reached 8.982 million passengers, thus the daily ridership of the metro currently exceeds 191 thousand passengers.

RTA announces operation plan of public transport during New Year's celebrations...

The plan includes expanding the operational hours of the Dubai Metro into a non-stop service past the midnight of Sunday 1stJanuary (24 hours) and slashing the service frequency (headway) to 3 minutes in the stations from Al Rashidiya up to Ibn Battuta during the peak hours from after 12.00 am (past the midnight) and up to 05:30 am, whereas the service frequency during the off-peak time will range from 4 to 10 minutes.

Al Tayer explores with American delegation cooperation, investment potentials in RTA...

RTA has solid practices in cooperating and partnering with the private sector in constructing various infrastructure projects in roads sector (roads, bridges, tunnels, crossings), and different transport systems. The volume of road projects and transportation systems undertaken by the private sector in the past six years has exceeded Dhs50bn.

Information Of Dubai Public Transport Network Fully Uploaded On Digital Google...

"The transit information uploaded on Google Maps reflects our vision of offering users the information that assists them in their daily life. The ability to track the optimal daily travelling routes through the computer of mobile phone is an invaluable tool for users throughout Dubai Emirate," added Al Madani.

Roads and Transport Authority transfers knowledge to Etihad Rail

Ambitious firms and entities are always keen on using the expertise of other mega organizations which have extensive experience in accomplishing giant projects of paramount importance and strategic dimension over the long run in a bid to capitalize on their accumulated experiences and practices yielding positive results worthy of being shared by others.

RTA trains bus drivers on how to ensure success of 'Public...

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is seeking to make the 3rd edition of the Public Transport Day a highly captivating event with the aim of attracting more passengers to use public transport means, including the metro, public buses and water bus, free of charge for one day.