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Free to shoot: Dubai Metro clarifies rules for shutterbugs

On the Dubai Metro, tourists are often frantically taking pictures as they pass iconic Dubai landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, or the elevated ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates.

Ride Dubai Metro, win iPhone5 every day

RTA has launched a ‘Use and Win’ campaign to encourage the public to use Dubai Metro and get a chance to win an iPhone 5 every day. “The RTA is always looking for initiatives to encourage the public to use the mass transit systems in general, and the metro in particular. This drive will increase the ridership of both the Red and Green Lines,” said Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operation, RTA Rail Agency.

Dubai Metro etiquette: Culture clash settled with new RTA queue rules

The RTA will have notices on all 14 glass doors on all 28 Metro stations. These are already up at Burjuman, Union and Al Rigga. The notices clearly illustrate that people getting off have to leave from the centre of the door, while commuters getting on need to queue on either side of the door and after those getting off are done, can get on.

Metro bans carrying alcohol; No 'Duty Free'

RTA reminds the public that carrying alcoholic drinks is forbidden on the Metro, even if it is purchased at one of the Duty Free shops at the Dubai Airport. Carrying alcoholic drinks inside the public transport system is a violation of rules. This has always been the case, but it was time that the public needed to be reminded of this, says Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai.

What do you prefer, Metro or car?

“Stress is also another factor, driving in traffic for long hours gets me stressed out and sometimes I even start getting headaches. On the other hand when I go by Metro I get to walk from the station to the building that I have my meeting in and I can even stand in the Metro if I wanted too which in my opinion is much healthier than being in the same position for hours.”

New barriers placed at Rashidiya metro car park

Barriers have been placed at the park-and-ride car park of Rashidiya metro station in Dubai. The barriers are aimed at preventing misuse of the car park developed for public transport users. From September 9 the car park serving the red line metro station can be entered with the same NOL card used for Dubai metro, says Ramadan Abdullah, director of the Rail Operations Department of RTA.

RTA spreads blood donation culture for thalassemia patients

The Rail Operation Dep't - Rails Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently run a blood donation campaign for the benefit of thalassemia patients, in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (Blood Donation Centre), as part of its efforts towards rolling out community-oriented initiatives that contribute to heightening the awareness of all employees.

Khalid Bin Walid is Dubai's busiest metro station

Khalid Bin Walid has emerged as the busiest Metro station in Dubai with more than 19,000 passengers using the station every day, a top official has told XPRESS. Ramadan Abdullah, Director, Rail Operations, Dubai Metro, said an average of 19,097 passengers take the Metro to or from the Khalid Bin Walid station in Bur Dubai every day, followed by Union Square station with 18,113 passengers and Deira City Centre with 15,607 passengers.

Parking fees at Metro facilities after service hours

Park-and-ride Metro users may be charged in future as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) contemplates a tariff for motorists who roll their vehicles into two multi-level parking facilities on the 52-km Red Line to discourage abuse and optimise use.

Water allowed in Metro during emergency

Commuters can use water inside the metro in cases of emergency, though food and drinks — including water — is officially banned inside the trains, a senior Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official told Khaleej Times.