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RTA to tighten rules on multi-storey Metro car parks in Dubai

A parking space in a car park adjacent to a Metro station - or other public transport station - is free when the commuter will make use of the public transportation network.

Route No. 84 is commuters’ pick

Of the five new bus routes announced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), relief is palpable in the average commuter at the bus station most for route No. 84 — from Al Khail Gate to Mina Siyahi.

Emergency drill staged at Dubai Metro station

The flurry of emergency vehicles around Rashidiya Metro station last weekend was part of a disaster-preparation drill organised by the emirate’s Crisis Management Team (CMT). The exercise followed a workshop two days earlier to exchange ideas and experiences between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Police, Civil Defence, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Dubai Ambulance Services.

New barriers placed at Rashidiya metro car park

Barriers have been placed at the park-and-ride car park of Rashidiya metro station in Dubai. The barriers are aimed at preventing misuse of the car park developed for public transport users. From September 9 the car park serving the red line metro station can be entered with the same NOL card used for Dubai metro, says Ramadan Abdullah, director of the Rail Operations Department of RTA.

Metro operation foolproof with series of back ups

Run by a handful of highly-trained professionals from a central command unit called Operational Control Centre (OCC) near the Rashidiya metro station, the system has the capacity to handle multiple lines and will remain as efficient with the start Green Line operations.

Don't misuse bus seats

The reader said: "Every time I commute, I see at least two or three passengers in the bus who think it is acceptable to put their feet up on vacant seats. This is a disgusting habit and they should behave appropriately! Although I have seen cameras in some public buses, I have never seen anyone being fined for this bad habit. Perhaps bus drivers could keep an eye on passengers and stop them from this misuse."