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Passengers stranded at Dubai Metro station

Several Dubai Metro passengers were left stranded during a rush hour on Sunday evening after a technical snag delayed train services on the Red Line.

Metro marvels

All the Metro stations are under the careful eye of security personnel. Smartly dressed customer service staff makes sure that everything is in place. The customer service staff and security personnel are always ready with a smile to assist you and guide you the right way in and out of Metro.

UAE: Dubai metro on track to add value

Almost one year since opening, Dubai's metro is on track to meet the expectations of its creators despite doubts that the cosmopolitan city's citizens could easily be wooed away from the roads and onto rails. More than 23m people have ridden the metro since it began operations on September 9, 2009. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai's public transport agency, the daily average number of passengers increased from 35,000 in the last months of 2009 to the present level of 110,000.