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mParking failures frustrate motorists

The mParking system broke down once again yesterday morning for hours, forcing motorists to dash to the nearest parking meters to renew their parking fees using coins. This mParking system has become unpredictable as it keeps on failing time and again while motorists end up getting fines for violations which they [did not] commit

RTA, Big Bus ink pact on water bus
services for tourists

The Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Double Decker Bus Tours LLC to draw up joint strategies and plans to boost marine transit service in the emirate. According to the agreement, the Public Transport Agency will offer tourists dispatched by the Double Decker Bus Tours LLC the opportunity of riding the Water Bus and treating themselves to an enjoyable marine cruise between the two shores of the Dubai Creek.

Metro popularity sees surge

“The Metro lifted 206,000 passengers compared to 140,000 passengers it carries on normal days. All these are positive indicators that we’re moving into the right direction of realising our target,” said Ramadan. At a rate of 140,000 passengers per day, this makes it about 4,020,000 per month.

Taxi growth slows down in Dubai

This shows that despite the Dubai Metro gnawing away at their consumer base, public buses spreading their reach wider across various areas of the emirate and the change in demographics as well as the economic pattern affecting businesses, taxis remain a popular mode of transport.

Confused by Metro law? You will be

Vague rules and regulations are being liberally interpreted by officials who have begun issuing fines as they monitor the Dubai Metro, passengers have said.

Six months on… Metro zips along

With nearly 12 million passengers travelling by Dubai Metro in just six months, the world’s largest driverless rail network is well on track. Dubai Metro helps Dubai in its quest to become the city of the 21st century — a goal that is so aggressively pursued by its leadership.

Dubai Metro: A glimpse of life

Faster than cars, faster than fairies in pumpkin carriages, the gold shell stations whistle by. Over towers, trees and through a tunnel the Dubai Metro flies with the city's people — over 10 million to date, as per the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). It's become a way of life for some and an easy alternative for many.

10m commuters use Dubai Metro in 5 months – RTA

Dubai Metro has served 9,872,545 passengers since it was launched last September, according to latest statistics compiled by Rail Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Ramadan Abdullah, director of Rail Operation Department at RTA Rail Agency said in a statement that the Mall of the Emirates Station was still the most attractive to both commuters and tourists, recording 1,578,447 passengers; accounting for 16 percent of total passenger count.