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Dubai to extend Metro service

Dubai has approved plans to build an additional three lines for its Metro service by 2030 - adding to the two routes already in operation. But in a country where car is king, can public transport ever be a practical answer to overcrowded roads?

RTA kicks off road safety drive

With more residents travelling during summer, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has kicked off a road safety awareness campaign, urging motorists to be cautious to avoid accidents. The campaign targets long distance road travellers as well as students at public libraries and summer camps.

Road deaths in Dubai 'down by 32%'

Fewer people are being killed on the emirate's roads thanks to police safety campaigns. There has been a 32 per cent drop in the number of deaths so far this year compared with the same period of 2011. Police said there were 38 deaths, down from 56 last year. Last month one person was killed, compared with 11 in May 2011.

Free travel on public transport today

The day is set to highlight the use of public transport, reduce road congestion and protect the environment by reducing carbon emission from vehicle exhausts. About 50 lucky commuters will also receive a top up of Dh100 of credit on their Nol cards on the day.

Liberty to promote electric buses in UAE

Liberty Automobiles has been appointed the exclusive dealer in the UAE for the world's first electric buses. The company, a leading General Motors dealer in the region, will represent the US-based DesignLine Corporation as it markets the new-concept green vehicles across the UAE. Two of the 100 per cent electric buses, known as the Eco-Smart I, are already in daily operation on Abu Dhabi's Sir Bani Yas Island.