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Issuance fee for blue Nol cards in Dubai reduced by 50%

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a 50 per cent discount on the issuance fee of the blue Nol card, which is a personalised travel card to use public transport in Dubai.

New fog monitors to warn Dubai motorists

Fourteen new fog monitoring stations in Dubai will caution motorists and prevent fog-related accidents, the Dubai Municipality said today. The first-of-its-kind automated monitors in the country - including five on various coasts - will improve visibility information on land and sea in the emirate.

Roads and Transport Authority transfers knowledge to Etihad Rail

Ambitious firms and entities are always keen on using the expertise of other mega organizations which have extensive experience in accomplishing giant projects of paramount importance and strategic dimension over the long run in a bid to capitalize on their accumulated experiences and practices yielding positive results worthy of being shared by others.

Dubai masterplan on land allocation approved

“Real estate is part of the city. We are developing, Dewa is developing big projects, RTA has completed the Metro and so many roads. We too have completed a huge sewage plant. We are building new public gardens and launching so many other projects. So it is not just real estate,” he added.