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Is it a bird, is it a plane… it's Dubai Metro's...

The main Expo Station design has been inspired by the wings of an airplane

RTA discusses Rashdiya residents' needs and requirements about its services

The Roads & Transport Authority - Nashwan Atta'ee: The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) commended the huge efforts & strategic initiatives undertaken by the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai towards fostering a vibrant community that has the blueprints of success & excellence and capable of enriching the prominent profile of the UAE worldwide.

Water taxis limited to 12 passengers and crew

Water taxis must carry no more than 12 passengers and crew under regulations announced yesterday. Outside Dubai Creek the service will be suspended if waves are higher than 7.5cm and wind speed is above 15knots (28kph), and passengers will no longer be allowed to sit in the open-top part of the deck, at the rear of the boat.

Motorists decry strict parking rules

Motorists in Dubai are furious that fines are imposed even for just a few minutes after the expiry of their paid parking tickets. A motorist who uses the SMS service to pay for his parking claimed that he was issued a fine two minutes after the expiry of the date of paid parking.