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RTA develops mechanism for identifying, analyzing and fixing recurrent accident spots

The Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority RTA, has developed a new mechanism for identifying, analyzing and coping with recurrent accident spots in Dubai with a view to stepping up the efficiency and effectiveness of the present mechanism of dealing with these spots through devising an electronic program which is currently being configured and tailored to meet RTAs world-class standards.

Al Burj radar to catch tailgaters on Dubai roads

Tailgaters are now in the crosshairs of new speed radars installed by Dubai Police. With over 50 new Al Burj radars already fitted on Dubai roads, police said that they plan to add 50 more in the next year.

RTA rolls out 3rd Traffic Safety Award for school and university...

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has unleashed the 3rd edition of the Traffic Safety Award targeting pupils of primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Dubai with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, with the aim of encouraging students to contribute innovative concepts about traffic-related issues.

UAE has potential to be world’s best in road safety says...

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has all the potential to be the best country in the world in road safety or at least among the top five, said a senior World Health Organisation (WHO) official on Tuesday.

Why Dubai taxis need rebranding: Call me maybe?

Dubai taxis are becoming more and more infamous for their unreliable service. Are we alone in this? You’re pacing back and forth, fidgeting and repeatedly glancing at your mobile screen. You’re nervous and desperately hoping to hear it ring but it never does. Chances are you’ve mistakenly relied on the services of a taxi in Dubai.

RTA launches tyre safety campaign to curb road accidents

The Monitoring and Enforcement Department, Licensing Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), recently launched “Tyre Soundness Campaign” in conjunction with the driving institutes to step up awareness of traffic safety. The campaign will continue through the end of this month.

Mock evacuation of RTA premises successfully completed

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with the Dubai Police General HQ, the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Dubai, and the Dubai Center of Ambulance Services, has successfully completed a mock evacuation of RTA premises to measure the readiness of the RTA, alarm systems, fire-fighting equipment, employees awareness of the rapid evacuation and exiting the building, and the response of various bodies to emergency cases.

RTA participates in the MEFSC 2010

Eur. Ing. Amair Saleem, Director of Safety, Risk, Regulation and Planning Department (SRRPD) of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, who has represented the RTA at this event, stated that the Authority is always keen on taking part in such conferences so as to keep pace with the latest in this domain and enhance its work performance in a way that goes with the international best practices in the safety, risk and crisis management.

Metro security: Possibility of crime in Metro virtually one in a...

For every one million Dubai Metro passengers, only 1.6 have faced crime of any nature, making the public transport network among the safest when compared to even developed countries and cities.

Parsons Middle East projects achieve significant safety milestones

Staff from the Dubai Metro project recently celebrated working 1 million hours without having a recordable accident, the second such milestone since the project started in 2005.