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Salik e-vouchers launched in Dubai

Salik top-up is now as easy as recharging prepaid mobile connections as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launches new e-vouchers. According to RTA, the new vouchers are available at more than 3,000 stores across the country.

RTA to introduce e-services for Dubai motorists

The e-services will include the renewal of licences for vehicles under three years old, applications for licences for drivers under the age of 21, application for driver/vehicle licensing certificates, requests for parking cards, as well as the current Salik top-up option.

Topping up Salik easier as Dubai's RTA launches user-friendly website

Salik has unveiled a new user-friendly website that allows drivers to recharge toll-gate tags, register for new tags or make complaints and queries. The site, launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), uses software developed to make all government websites more accessible and homogenous.

Dubai plans to crack down on millions of unpaid parking and...

"I'm not sure what the monetary amount is exactly but it is a few million fines we are still waiting to have paid," said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, chief executive of the RTA's licensing agency. "The current procedure of retrieving payments is done manually. The RTA sends a list of fines of non-UAE vehicles to the Ministry of Interior and they forward the information to the concerned departments of the other [Arabian] Gulf countries.

RTA launches Salik top-up service via SMS

Roads & Transport Authority: The Intelligent Traffic Systems Dep't at the Traffic & Roads Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently announced the launch of a new service for recharging Salik account through text messages, over and above the currently available Salik account top-up options; be it through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by calling 80072545 (800SALIK) or visiting Salik portal.

Dubai's Salik experiment makes a clear case for toll roads

Experts estimate Salik - Arabic for "clear" - generates around Dh600 million a year for the RTA based on the assumption there are 1400 cars passing through one lane of a Salik gate during rush hour. According to a report from the RTA, the system collected Dh800 million from Salik in 2010 while revenue from July 2007 to December 2009 was Dh1.658 billion