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Testing set to start on Downtown Dubai's trolley system

Testing is set to begin on the Dubai Trolley, a hop-on, hop-off transport system in Downtown Dubai which will serve as a link between attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall.

Commuters gasp for air on packed peak hour trains

Commuters on Dubai Metro are calling for more breathing space during peak hours as the daily train occupancy increases significantly.

Process legal applications at Metro stations

Renewing government contracts and identification papers like the Emirates ID can be a cumbersome task, often involving people having to go long distances to find typing centres and government officers.

Dubai Metro Train (Sharaf DG – Nakheel Harbour)

Taking a short Metro train ride from Sharaf DG (Station No.33) to Nakheel Harbour (Station No.38).

Dubai Metro fault leaves rush hour commuters stranded

Thousands of passengers were left stranded last night after a system fault halted Dubai Metro in both directions on the Red Line.

90 dead on Dubai roads in first half of year

There were 1,356 traffic accidents in Dubai in the first half of this year, which resulted in 90 deaths. Pakistani drivers caused the most accidents between January and June, Dubai Traffic Statistics show.

Dubai Metro Construction

Shows Construction of Viaduct, Tunnels, Stations and Footbridges. Dubai Metro. My City. My Metro.

RTA completes maintenance of multi-level parking lot at Sabkha

Basil Ibrahim Saad, Director of Facilities & Installations, RTA Technical Support Services Sector, said: “The RTA is always keen on delivering world-class services befitting the profile of Dubai as a reputed and advanced cosmopolitan city and a splendid destination for tourists and visitors hailing in from all corners of the globe.”

Dubai Metro 'needs prayer rooms'

There is a crucial necessity for prayer rooms in all Dubai Metro stations. While travelling on the Metro, we cannot pray at any of the stations due to the lack of prayer rooms.

RTA announces more retail outlets rented in Dubai Metro Stations

The Rail Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently announced the renting of 123 retail outlets in the stations of the Red and Green Metro lines to a plethora of leading businesses in the UAE, representing various trading, economic and services activities, in addition to 179 outlets already up and running in these stations.