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Revealed: the economic benefits of Dubai Metro by 2030

Accumulated economic benefits of Dubai Metro during its first seven years of operation reached AED66 billion ($18 billion) against AED41 billion in costs, according...

Would you like a metro service for Sharjah?

Stuck in Sharjah traffic and dreaming of a metro service for the emirate? Here is a futuristic view of a metro rail network for Sharjah created by an Emirati student

Dubai still most popular despite 2009 property woes

More than 43 percent of respondents to the FutureBrand Gulf Real Estate Study, released on Tuesday, said Dubai was their number one choice in the region despite house prices slumping by up to 50 percent in some parts of the city during 2009. He said mega projects like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Metro becoming a reality added to the city’s appeal to would-be home buyers.