Saturday, February 27, 2021
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UAE a leading international tourism destination

The UAE, which provides comfort to its citizens and tourists alike and has prioritised its heritage and preserved its history for the modern world,...

Dubai on course for 2020 target of 20m visitors

Dubai accelerated its growth rate of visitors to the emirate, and moved closer towards its goal of welcoming 20 million visitors per year by...

Global trends of Ferry manufacturing and operation in Croatia

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) took part in the 42nd Interferry Conference in Croatia where it checked the latest global developments in ferry...

Tourism spending in UAE forecast to rise to $56bn by 2022

Spending within the UAE’s travel and tourism sector is expected to rise steadily over the next five years and reach over $56 billion in...

Dubai tourism, hospitality ‘set for growth’

A host of milestone events, development of iconic projects, diversification into new tourism segments are likely to bring growth to the Dubai tourism and hospitality sector next year, according to a report.