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UAE announces new rules for tourist visas

The UAE on Sunday announced a change in visa rules for tourists, exempting dependents under the age of 18 from visa fees. The visa exemption...

Your smartphone is now your passport at Dubai airport

If you're travelling first class or business, a soon-to-be-implemented project will allow you to go straight to boarding gate without undergoing immigration check at...

Dubai bed for $8 a night? So you thought the city...

Dubai: If you think Dubai is only for the extremely rich tourists, and has no room for budget travellers, nothing could be far from...

RTA to build new cycling stretch

DUBAI: In its effort to have residents resort to cycling as a hobby, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the start of construction works in the Dubai Cycling Track project stretching 21.2 km, costing about Dhs32m.

Cutting edge technology boosts integration of Dubai mass transit systems

The sophisticated technologies coupled with the diversified, enhanced and revamped bus routes have boosted the integration of mass transit means in the Emirate of Dubai and played a pivotal role in making the public transport the first mobility choice of residents, visitors and tourists descending into Dubai from all over the globe.