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DP World connects to Hyperloop with USD multi-million Dolar investment

Global trade enabler DP World has announced a USD multi-million dollar investment in US based Hyperloop One to provide funds for the continued research...

UAE hosts top-notch talent to build future, says Mohammed bin Rashid

The UAE hosts the best minds in the world as it aims to shape the future, and started a new era today where it...

The booming car rental business behind London’s ‘supercar season’

‘Supercar season’ has long been the domain of the super-rich — but more Arab visitors to the UK are now entering the fast lane by hiring luxury motors for a fraction of the cost.

Convenience in transport

The study revealed that 37 per cent of the sample - consisting of 53 people with disabilities - had future plans of using public transport to commute to work, place of study or entertainment venues, while 20 per cent would use public transport only in case of necessity. The latter noted that “using the water bus and public buses create the fear of using public transport because of the fear of being subjected to harm or damage during transporting.”

Pay attention to nuts and bolts of Iraq’s future

The country’s boosters have predicted an urban Metro in Baghdad within 10 years. They are paid for such rosy assessments. Iraq, and particularly her cities, are recovering from one of the most ravaging periods in modern Middle Eastern history.

RTA expands commercial transportation services in Dubai

The Licensing Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed its 2010 plans aimed at intensifying and augmenting the scope and reach of its commercial transport activity services to cover all areas of Dubai through targeting commercial companies.

Dubai metro

Dubai metro video. 7 November 2009.

It’s rush hour – but you’ll get a seat

DUBAI // While it does not yet match the frantic pace of the London Tube or New York Subway, a morning rush-hour commute appears to be developing on the Dubai Metro.