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Mercedes brakes stop working at 190 kph… but it was stopped

An Arab man driving a Mercedes at 190 kph in Saudi Arabia got a shock when he could no longer control the brakes because of a malfunction.

25% of vehicles in Dubai fail annual test

most 25 per cent of vehicles in Dubai failed the annual roadworthiness test last year mandated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Gulf News can confirm.

What not to do when driving on Dubai roads

A new law in Dubai authorises the police to confiscate vehicles of drivers participating in street racing without obtaining prior permission.

Revealed: Dubai's Top 5 traffic offences in 2015

According to statistics revealed by the Dubai Police, the top violation on the emirate’s roads this year has been for ‘obstructing traffic’.

Dubai sharpens eyes on roads with more radars

The Dubai Police have installed 52 new radars along Dubai roads and 31 more near traffic signals in Dubai.

RTA to issue 'free parking permits' for Dubai residents

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the introduction of a parking permit system designed for inhabitants of residential districts in the emirate, issuing them with free parking permits usable in non-paid parking zones overnight.

Driving tutors in Dubai come under the scanner

Driving schools in Dubai, and the instructors in particular, will be under close scrutiny following the implementation of a new system that will keep track of every step in the drivers’ training process.

Exporting vehicle from Dubai? RTA reveals most important link

The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has called on customers in need of vehicle export certificates to ensure that such certificates bear an electronic link pertaining to the original owner, in order to avoid any responsibilities hampering their relevant transactions at border posts.

Mandatory tests for Dubai vehicles in major crashes

Motorists will have to get their vehicles re-tested following accidents to ensure their roadworthiness under strict new rules by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

For every two Dubai residents, there is one car

For every two people in Dubai, there is a vehicle, putting vehicle density in the city higher than some of the biggest urban centres in the world.