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Cycling tracks for 5 Dubai residential areas: Is yours on the...

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has endorsed awarding a contract for constructing two cycling and running tracks projects at Warqaa, Mushrif, Mirdif, Mizhar and Khawaneej.

Why Dubai taxis need rebranding: Call me maybe?

Dubai taxis are becoming more and more infamous for their unreliable service. Are we alone in this? You’re pacing back and forth, fidgeting and repeatedly glancing at your mobile screen. You’re nervous and desperately hoping to hear it ring but it never does. Chances are you’ve mistakenly relied on the services of a taxi in Dubai.

Keep safe, keep walking

Dubai : New pedestrian bridges popping up across Dubai will encourage a walking culture and cut down on traffic deaths, says a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official.