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RTA adopts NOL cards only in Inter-City bus service, paper ticket...

“The Inter-City public buses make 900 daily trips through 12 routes connecting Dubai with other emirates, lifting more than 35,000 passengers, whereas the seven routes connecting Dubai emirate with Sharjah carry more than 17,000 passengers a day,” he added.

RTA launches 1st Online Customers Council via twitter

Bahrozyan hailed all those who took part in RTA Online Customers Council session held through Twitter and paid tribute to their immeasurable contribution, positive interaction and constructive views expressed in a way poised to leverage the service offering of various RTA agencies and sectors.

Dh10,000 treasure hunt on Metro, bus

“The idea is to encourage people to use public transport and reduce their carbon footprint in a fun way. It is also an attempt to promote healthy living and a step towards supporting the government’s ‘go green’ initiative,” said Hana Mathew, Detour’s Marketing Director.