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Weather: Heavy rain expected in parts of the country

DUBAI // Heavy clouds in some areas may lead to rain on Thursday with mild weather forecast across the rest of the country. Heavy rain...

UAE weather: Hot temperatures and strong winds expected this weekend

ABU DHABI // Hot days will continue over the weekend with conditions expected to ease in the evenings. Temperatures will range between 38°C to 25°C...

UAE weather: Hot conditions ease as temperatures begin to drop in...

Conditions will continue to be hot during the day and cooler in the evenings with humidity increasing overnight. Partially cloudy skies over Ras Al Khaimah,...

Sunny days ahead in Dubai this Eid holiday

Dubai: Don’t forget to put on some sunscreens if you’re planning to go outdoors this Eid holiday season. Sunday’s weather will be hot in general...

Wet weather in UAE to continue until Friday afternoon

Residents woke to overcast skies and light to moderate rain in coastal areas such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah on Friday morning.

Rain showers finally reach Dubai

Dubai: The first rain showers of the season — albeit just a few drops — signalled the approaching winter has finally arrived in the city.

Weekend weather in UAE: Mercury close to 50°C

Following days of sporadic showers in UAE, along Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, more convective clouds are expected Friday afternoon over the eastern party of the country.

Weekend weather: Strong winds, low visibility across UAE

As the summer sun continues to sizzle in the mid-forties over the weekend, respite – albeit short-lived – will come in the form of moderate to fresh winds blowing over open areas.

Hundreds of Dubai residents hand out water to workers who brave...

With temperatures soaring across the UAE, a group of Dubai residents is on a mission to remind others about the tough conditions some have to endure on a daily basis.

Temperatures rise, as UAE weekend weather warms up at 31 degrees...

Just when you though it was time to pack away that sunscreen and air out that sweater, the mercury defies the season once again with the weekend temperatures expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius in the internal parts of the UAE.