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Over 4,000 men fined being in women’s cabin on Dubai Metro

Thousands of male commuters have been fined for entering the women and children’s compartment on the Dubai Metro since the penalty was brought in.

More space for women on Dubai Metro

More space is being provided for female commuters of Dubai Metro with the rising demand and changing pattern of ridership, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.

Breaking down the barriers: Woman, 28, becomes first female train driver...

Miss Al Safar told Gulf News: 'I am always open to challenges and I am not afraid to take risks. I work hard and my job is my top priority.' She added: 'Being a train attendant has helped me understand how to interact with people and staff from different nationalities and different cultures. This has empowered me to tackle different kinds of situations with ease.'

Women passengers beat up intruding men

Frustrated with the disobedient men who insist on entering the Women Only cabin, Delhi women decided to mete out their own brand of punishment. Kipp has blogged about the wonderful experience that is travelling on the Dubai Metro during rush hour before, and the rants have sure proven therapeutic. But perhaps not as effective as the actions of female passengers on Delhi’s metro; we are officially inspired.