Taste the benefits of mass transit on Public Transport Day


Source:  www.rta.ae

The CEO of Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Eissa Abdul-Rahman Al Dosari urged all community members to use public transport means on November 1, 2010; designated by the RTA as Public Transport Day in celebration of its 4th anniversary. Commuters holding Nol cards will be allowed to use public buses, metro and the water bus free of charge 24 hours on this day, from 01:00 am to 12:00 am (midnight).

“RTA has identified a number of key objectives to be achieved on this day which include: showcase the standing of Dubai Emirate in supporting initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the environment & sustainable development, encourage the public to use mass transit modes across Dubai Emirate, assist the marketing of the advanced mass transit services of the RTA, increase public transport ridership and accordingly augment revenues, enhance the image & standing of Dubai in general and RTA in particular, attract additional tourist flow to the Emirate; which will be particularly assisted by the intense media coverage and comprehensive marketing of this initiative, and kick off the event from Dubai Emirate in the initial year such that it can be carried out on the federal and regional levels to make it a common event between the GCC countries,” said Al Dosari.

The CEO of Public Transport Agency considered this Day as a splendid opportunity for those who have not tasted the use of RTA public transport modes and experience the benefits of mass transit systems, particularly noting that these means are fitted with the best technologies in this line of industry.

“Fitting mass transit systems with the latest technologies is one of the key projects that help keeping abreast of the development process and community growth through providing a transit system capable of ensuring safe and smooth travel every day. The bus transit sector in Dubai Emirate has witnessed a steady growth as RTA buses lifted more than 120 million passengers in 2009 recording a 12 per cent growth over 2008 levels; an achievement that took place despite the prevailing economic conditions engulfing the universe. It is in fact one of several achievements made and being made by the RTA in broadening and upgrading the scope of public transport sector and associated infrastructure to meet the requirements of public transport users in the Emirate. The number of passengers ferried on board the water bus in 2009 reached about 535 thousand passengers,” he explained.

“Through its strategic plan, RTA is seeking to push the market share of various public transport modes (metro, public buses and water bus) to 30 per cent by 2020 through offering them at affordable prices and showcasing other associated benefits accruing to passengers such as the psychological and physical comfort and enjoyable mobility,” said Al Dosari in a final remark.