Ten facts about Dubai Metro


    With only six weeks to go until Dubai Metro’s red line officially opens we give you ten things you may, or may not know about the $4.2bn project.

    Dubai Metro will operate from 6am to 12 midnight.

    A round trip takes 2.33 hours, while a one-way trip takes 1.12 hours.

    Train’s run every 3.45 minutes during peak hours and every 7 minutes during off peak hours.

    Stations are located on average every 1.5km.

    Each train can carry up to 643 passengers in five cabins.

    When completed, the red and green lines will have a total of 70km of track and 47 stations, including 9 underground stations.

    Officials estimate the metro will carry 27,000 passengers per hour and 355 million passengers a year, once both lines are fully operational.

    The maximum speed of trains will be 90 km/h.

    Work officially began on March 21, 2006.

    A standard tickets will cost between AED2.50 ($0.68) and AED6.50 ($1.80).