The RTA has said that it may increase the luggage allowance for Dubai Metro passengers if “tens of thousands” of users ask for it. Will you ask for it?



Officials at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) explained two weeks ago that Dubai Metro passengers are only allowed to carry hand luggage, but they would consider increasing the luggage allowance if a significant number of users call for it.

Peyman Parham, director of marketing and corporate communication, RTA, told Emirates Business: “If just a few people come and ask us for more baggage allowance, we will not consider it. But if tens of thousands said they would use the Metro if they are allowed to carry heavy luggage we would consider it.”

“Dubai is a center of transit and many people travel light. We’re allowing bag sizes that one would typically pack for a short three- or four-day trip somewhere. And there are many of those travelers,” he added.

So, what’s the point of having metro stations at terminals one and three if only those who are traveling light can board the trains? Besides, most businessmen and women expense their travel costs, and are more likely to take cabs than use the metro.

For the majority of Kipp’s poll respondents – 64 percent – increasing the luggage allowance is a no brainer. However, not everyone agrees; 17 percent of readers said a rise in luggage allowance will inconvenience other passengers, and is therefore not a good idea.

Given the size of the some of the luggage Kipp’s seen at Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s airports, we can understand their concerns.

And finally, 19 percent of respondents don’t care either way, because they don’t use the metro. Why not?