TIME charts out importance of Dubai Metro


Source:  http://www.traveldailymedia.com/

TIME Hotels recently conducted a market research which revealed that 234 hotels and hotel-apartments are located within two kilometres of one of Dubai’s 47 metro stations.

The Hotel Group wanted to calculate number of hotel properties in close proximity to metro stations. This would analyse the impact on GCC visitor booking decisions, whether choosing to stay for business or leisure.

“The research discovered that out of around 530 hotels and apartments listed with international reservation websites such as booking.com, at least 234 – or 44% – were situated within two kilometres of a metro station,” said Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels.

He further added: “Accessibility to the metro network is giving hotels an opportunity to drive occupancy rates as location remains a top priority for guests. Western guests are familiar with public transport and also appreciate its efficiency and sustainability, while for other nationalities it is a cost-effective alternative to taking taxis.”

Statistics revealed by Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) recorded total passenger traffic of 138 million people on the Dubai Metro in 2013, almost double that of 2011.

As TIME continues with its programme of regional expansion both in the UAE and further afield into Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Awadalla and the development team are also taking into consideration the emerging transportation networks in other destinations as part of the strategic planning process. More info